Metallic neodymium
Obtaining metallic neodymium from Russian raw materials

Technological block diagram of the production of Nd2O3
Sources of raw materials for the production of neodymium

Dissolving of GREC
Cerium Electrooxidation

Industrial model of an electrolyzer
Application for a patent of the Russian Federation No. 2015157101 dated 12/30/2015
Extractive separation of GREC
Neodymium Carbonate Filtration
Drying and calcination of neodymium oxalate

The furnace is tubular, five-zone for calcination.
Productivity on raw materials-15kg / hour

Block diagram of the production of metallic neodymium by continuous technology
Characteristics of raw materials for production

The purity of the neodymium oxide obtained by extraction
According to the main substance
By controlled impurities
Характеристики сырья для производства
Drying and calcining Nd2O3
Electrolytic production of metal neodymium

Neodymium oxide electrolysis
Mold casting
Metal Nd Ingot Processing

Preliminary slag cleaning
Exposure Complete ingot removal from slag and final weighing
Test report

Neodymium Metal Ingot
Types of packaging of finished products

Sealed packaging
Additionally, the container is equipped with an internal polymer liner in which a vacuum is created or filled with argon. This type of packaging guarantees long-term storage of finished products without oxidation.

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