In 2018, LLC «LIT» commissioned the first Russian small-tonnage production of high-purity neodymium oxide. The raw material for its production is a neodymium solution manufactured by the extractive separation technology of REE concentrate developed by LLC «LIT».

The production of high-purity neodymium oxide includes: extractive purification of the target component from REE impurities, purification from alkaline earth and transition metal impurities, precipitation of insoluble neodymium salts, calcination of the precipitate, sieving and packaging of finished products. At all stages of the technological process, reagents exclusively of the High-Purity brand and highly purified water are used.

Extractive purification of neodymium is carried out using automated cascades of centrifugal extractors EC-10FA of its own design and manufacture (see Figure 1).
Figure 1 - A fragment of the extraction cascade of neodymium purification from praseodymium impurities
The high degree of product purity is confirmed by the results of chemical composition tests performed by the method of spark mass spectrometry at the IACC JSC «Giredmet» (see Figure 2). According to the composition of impurities, the obtained oxide is applicable for the manufacture of special glasses, optical fibers, and laser materials, the optical properties of which largely depend on the purity of the activating additives.
Figure 2 - Test report of the chemical composition of products
The success of the new production was reported at the 16th All-Russian Conference "High-Purity Substances and Materials. Obtaining, analysis, application" [1]. A prototype of high-purity neodymium oxide was transferred to the exhibition-collection of high-purity substances at the Institute of Chemical and Chemical Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences (see Figure 3).
Figure 3 - A prototype of high-purity neodymium oxide
Among the customers of high-purity neodymium oxide are LG Electronics Inc. and LLC «Lanhit».

LLC «LIT» accepts orders for the manufacture of high-purity compounds and other REEs. The price of the products is negotiable.

List of sources used

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